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Dobo Tihamer Gallery

The name of the first gallery in Kanjiza indicates that we are very tied to spirituality to former painter Dobo Tihamer - Cigonja.

Through his name we express our respect to the greatest painter, graphic artist who lived in our city and to his his difficult path of life which is similar to the history and to the life of the people who live in this area, between the meadow and the Tisa river.

Our wish is to present his legacy in the art which was inspired by the deepest and highest creative values.

Currently we live in times when the superficiality is in fashion. Society has become exhibitionist, poor in traditions and moral values. Why should it be different in arts?

For these reasons we think that the goal of our gallery is to present artists characterized as uncompromised and pure and whose works still carry the true meaning of art as well as educational messages. Works presented at the exhibitions carry in themselves a high artistic standard of the responses to the permanent and universal questions of humanity.

On the borders of two countries, in such a mixed environment what could be more important task than that to introduce artists and their works from Serbia and Hungary?

In the gallery we also organise various cultural events, performances, film projections, lectures on history of art and culture.

Opening times:
Monday to Wednesday: 9-15
Thursday to Friday: 13-19