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The Education department of the Institute tries its best to satisfy the requirements of both the clients and the labour market. The actual offers – concerning courses and trainings – are based on those demands.
Courses and trainings realized between 2001 and 2021:

Language courses:

1. English courses for pre-schoolers, students and adults
2. Summer English camp for pre-schoolers and pupils
3. Summer English courses for adults
4. German courses for adults
5. Serbian courses for pre-schoolers
6. Serbian courses for adults
7. Hungarian courses for adults
8. Italian courses for adults
9. Spanish courses for adults

IT trainings:

1. Basic computer courses for adults
2. Advanced computer courses for adults (Word + Excel)
3. Basic computer courses for seniors
4. Smartphone trainings for seniors
6. Mobile phone application design for children

Economic courses-trainings:

1. EBC*L (European Business Competence* Licence)
2. Accounting economic transactions (accredited training)
3. Enterprise – beginning and development (on behalf of Prosperitati Foundation)
4. Development of tourism business (for beginners) – on behalf of Prosperitati Foundation)
5. Composing a business plan (training)
6. Applying for tenders (training)


1. Sewing and tailoring (training for adults)

Vocational trainings:

1. Hairdressing course
2. Typing course
3. Innkeeper, village caterer – training (Handshake, IPA)
4. Thermal and acoustic insulation
5. Labour safety training


1. Start school with confidence – preparatory course for pupils to be (FERHA)
2. CV-writing training

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