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The Institution  

This institution was established in 1958 and then its name was “Worker’s University”. Then after more than three decades it was renamed to Cnesa Educational and Cultural Institution. In the beginning, the main tasks of this institution – formed by the Autonomy of Kanjiza – were the primary education, retraining and continuing education of adults. But these days it has many other activities.

The headquarters of our institution are in Kanjiza, but we have good connections with educational associations from the neighbouring small settlements and villages, and with bigger towns, of course (Subotica, Novi Sad, Senta, Belgrade).

There are also several collaborating partners in Hungary. (Roszke, Algyo, Szeged, Ferencvaros) During these years, Cnesa has extended its function circles. At present there are five departments working in our institution.

The main activities are the education and adult trainings: language courses (English, German, Italian, and Serbian), computational trainings, courses for dressmakers and hairdressers. The institution is trying to keep up with the latest challenges.

As a result of these ambitions, a training named “European Union” was organized in April, 2005. Students from all over Vojvodina came to take part in that course.

In September, the same year, another important course was organized, to prepare those concerned for conducting competitions in the European Union. The lecturer was Peter Folberth from Szeged University, Department of Economic- and Social geography.

As a result of good cooperation with other associations, we organized an environmental programme, called “Our lives along the Tisa”. It lasted seven months: from October, 2005 to April, 2006. This programme was meant for experts from the civil sphere, from the public education and authority-state sphere. These experts take part in making and executing programmes of development, and in different environmental activities.

The second department in Cnesa is the House of Arts, where different concerts, literary events, film-projections and artisan activities can be organized. There are often theatrical performances, too. Many artists have appeared in our organization: Andras Berecz, Tamas Kobzos Kis, Dersch-quartet, Gyorgy Szabados etc.

There are two other events which are very important in the life of students: The day of Traditions and the Jazz Gala.

The third department of our institution is the Culture Cinema. It shows us every week some of domestic and foreign films. There is a few-day-programme every year, showing people some of the best Hungarian films of the year. This event is called “The Days of Hungarian Pictures”. Our collaborating partners are the National Alliance of Cinemas and the Central Pictures in Szeged.

Kanjiza is proud of the great son of our town, Jozsef Nagy. He won many prizes in eurhythmics and dancing. He is the leader of the dancing-theatre in Orleans. Because of his returning a new building for the artists is going to be built. The laying of the foundation-stone was in September 2005, and the opening is going to be in 2007. The name of this new building will be: Jozsef Nagy Regional Creative Centre.The purpose of this programme is to help our artists and town to join forces with other European artists, and to cooperate with other artistic academies.

Cnesa is founder member of Hungarian Educational Alliance in Vojvodina.