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House of Arts

House of Arts was opened in 2001 with the aim of preserving and nurturing the culture. With our contacts of different cultural societies in Europe and in the region and with minimal donations we still manage to be successful in our tasks. Our program consists of theatrical performances, concerts, literary evenings, exhibitions, film projections, workshops, children's programs, school programs.

Our main goals are:

  • presentation of lasting cultural values,
  • fostering the culture,
  • rich cultural program that meets the needs of the population,
  • fostering good relations and cooperation with educational institutions, city library, local civil society organizations and other associations,
  • organizations, and implementation of quality events.

The House of Arts organize annually about 200 programs with approximately 20.000 visitors, which means an average of 100 visitors per program. Programs are carried out in the lobby of the building, in the large hall (320 seats), small hall (160 seats) and in the basement (100 seats).